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Dry Skin Collection

Dry Skin happens!

Skin thins and secretes less oil as we age, but many young people experience dry skin, too. We all experience dry skin from time to time due to dehydration caused by common cold, a windy day spent outside, or a space heater at our feet. Sometimes our offices or homes are drying, especially during winter months. Even the warm, nourishing rays of the sun are drying. We live roller coaster lives and our skin rolls with us, its moisture content constantly fluctuating. It's all normal.

Is it dry or is it stripped?

Sometimes dry skin is caused by irritation. Dryness can be caused by the skincare products we use. Skin is permeable and highly responsive, so make sure your dis-ease is not self-inflicted. Your skin will let you know if a product you are using doesn't suit your individual body chemistry. Or will it? Alcohol-based lotions marketed as moisturizers may work short-term but evaporate from skin without lasting benefit. Flaky skin is sometimes less about moisture and more about exfoliation caused from a buildup of product residues or irritation. Exfoliation may help lessen the appearance of dry skin. Liquid and bar soaps sold by big box stores are mostly industrial degreasing products and detergents masquerading as skin "care". These products are inherently drying. Thanks, but no thanks!

All Natural  v.  Chemicals of Concern

The products you love are good for you!  sammysoap product ingredients are not found on Chemicals of Concern watch lists. If your skin is dry, steer clear of the fragrance, dye, detergent, alcohol, and other synthetic ingredients used by the competition. Use our 100% all natural soaps for face and body and all natural skincare oils and butters for situationally dry or dull skin. Natural products are ultra moisturizing for supple skin and everyday wellness.

Moist, Supple skin Review:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eliminate synthetic skincare products
  • Use only 100% all natural soaps
  • When occasional or seasonal dryness does occur, use all naturals oils or butter

Skincare Over the Age of 50

Butter emollients are thicker and stay in the uppermost layers of skin, helping skin feel lubricated and supple. Oils with small molecules penetrate deeper into skin, providing soothing moisture that you'd be smart to seal in during winter months. We recommend using a thinner, or lighter, moisturizing oil in the morning and a butter at night.