Collection: Argan Shampoo Bar

Introducing a new line of delectably divine, revolutionarily rich, and drastically different shampoo bars made with argan oil.

We worked hard perfecting an ultra rich lather for deep cleaning and conditioning. Argan shampoo suds is small, dense and creamy — you'll love it. In fact, we think you'll love these bars so much, you'll want to use them everywhere and that's okay. Argan oil makes a luxurious face and body soap.

Our argan oil is the best we can buy⏤ wildcrafted or organic from Morocco.

sammysoaps are always 100% vegan, 100% all natural, and made with only unadulterated plants and plant oils. No artificial anything. No fragrance oils. No synthetic dyes. Shampoo bars are handmade in St. Louis Missouri factory. sammysoap is a job creation machine for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities disguised as the world's best soap company. We are committed to human health, a clean planet, and wage equality.