Collection: Rose Sandalwood Collection

 rosa x damascena + geranium + sandalwood
no artificial anything

Our rose collection is a light balance of cleanly processed 100% all natural, organic or wildcrafted essential oils that blend with best available salts, organic carrier oils and water to detox, hydrate, heal and condition skin and soul. These are products for whole system health. Scent evaporates as products are absorbed but the aromatherapeutic benefits linger and accumulate.

Skincare products made of clean ingredients that are cleanly processed and formulated will feed skin the vitamins, mineral and amino acids it craves. This is food for your skin. Our rose collection makes skin glow. Especially recommended for sensitive or damaged skin. Even household pets benefit from the elimination of dyes, fragrances, preservatives and other synthetics in the house. Everyone breathes easier. For men and women, face and body, and all ages beyond toddler.
Expansive, nourishing, dry, earthen and floral. The scent is very soft and diffuse. Balancing, mood lifting, calming, aphrodisiacal, relaxes muscle tension and so much more.