Collection: Essential Oils

          An authentic essential oil is the pure, unadulterated essence of a plant. Plants compliment the human body in ways that synthetic compounds do not. This symbiotic relationship between human and plant is the basis for aromatherapy. When harvested in concert with nature to maximize a plant's therapeutic benefits, and processed by methods that protect the full expression of a completely evolved single plant organism, essential oils are extensions of human evolution on earth. The body's enzyme systems are equipped to recognize and benefit from plants. Plants, like people, are filled with the building blocks of life: vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
          sammysoap sources essential oils from all over the world, comparing essential oil paperwork, called Certificates of Analyses, to ensure that we offer only the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils − organic or wildcrafted, uncut, unaltered, and cold pressed or distilled at low temperatures without toxic chemicals. Researching an oil's compositional authenticity to ensure efficacy is an arduous task, but we do it enthusiastically because we are committed to healthy ecosystems, human health, and marketplace integrity.