Collection: Evening Toile

frankincense     ⎟     lavender     ⎟     vetiver     ⎟     black pepper


Grounding and revitalizing, the Evening Toile Collection was blended for medicinal and spiritual healing.  These are complexly dry, woody blends of frankincense balanced by the diffusely soft floral notes of high altitude Bulgarian lavender, then set with base notes of vetiver and black pepper.  The blends are expansive, relaxing and nourishing.   Excellent for muscle soreness, neuropathies, aches and pains.   Frankincense has been harvested for 100 generations and is world-renowned for deep healing.  For men, women and children over three, body and soul, face, body and home, and all skin types.

Formulated with only cleanly processed organic or wildcrafted ingredients that work naturally to detox, heal, and protect. 100% all natural. 100% vegan. No artificial anything.