Sensitive, Dry & Damaged Skin, Continued

Sensitive Skin?

Your skin is talking to you. Skins respond negatively to toxic exposures, harsh treatment, and nutritional imbalances. Listen to your skin. If you don't, something irritating now could turn into an allergy from which you may, or may not, grow out of because of repeated exposure.

Is it dry or is it stripped?

Sometimes dry skin is caused by irritation. Dryness can be caused by the skincare products we use. Skin is permeable and highly responsive, so make sure your dis-ease is not self-inflicted. Your skin will let you know if a product you are using doesn't suit your individual body chemistry. Or will it? Alcohol-based lotions marketed as moisturizers may work short-term but evaporate from skin without lasting benefit. Flaky skin is sometimes less about moisture and more about exfoliation caused from a buildup of product residues or dead skin particles. Exfoliation almost always helps lessen the appearance of dry skin. Mass market liquid and bar soaps are made of industrial degreasing agents and detergents masquerading as "skincare". These products are inherently drying. They are designed to strip skin. Thanks, but no thanks!

All Natural  v.  Chemicals of Concern

You will love products that are good for you. You'll feel the difference. Your friends will begin to compliment you on your healthy skin and hair. We hear these testimonials year after year. sammysoap product ingredients are not found on Chemicals of Concern watch lists. If your skin is dry, steer clear of the fragrance, dye, detergent, alcohol, and other synthetic ingredients. Use our 100% all natural soaps for face and body and 100% pure, vegan, all natural skincare oils and butters for dry or dull skin. Vegan products are ultra moisturizing for supple skin and everyday wellness.

Moist, Supple skin Review:

Drink plenty of water

Eliminate synthetic skincare products 

Use only 100% all natural soaps

When occasional or seasonal dryness does occur, use real, pure natural oils or butters to moisturize

Skincare Over the Age of 50

Butter emollients are thicker and stay in the uppermost layers of skin, helping skin feel lubricated and supple. They plump skin in the most natural way and feel fantastic. Oils with small molecules penetrate deeper into skin, providing soothing moisture that you'd be smart to seal in during winter months. We recommend using a thinner, or lighter, moisturizing oil in the morning and a butter at night, if required.

sammysoap is dedicated to human health. We hope our products help. Good luck!