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Welcome to the World Three-pack Gift Box

Welcome to the World Three-pack Gift Box

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Earth's Most Indulgent Ingredients

Three individually wrapped, all natural, generously sized 4.5 oz artisanal calendula soaps offered in a gorgeous gift box. 

100% Synthetic Free

Lovely and divine, the lowly calendula flower, commonly known as marigold, is native to Mediterranean countries where it has been used since ancient times in topical ointments and washes for wounds and ulcers. This calendula oil was CO2 extracted from the flowers and has such a mild characteristic scent that most would call it "unscented." It's wildcrafted from Egypt and infused in an organic virgin coconut oil from Brazil. The result is exalted, rare, humble, and gorgeously golden in its natural state. Calendula is known the world over as the go-to oil for infants because of its suitability for baby's sensitive skin. It's very pure and gentle, excellent for sensitive skins, conditions like eczema and psoriasis, the elderly, or people who desire a scent-free soap. Gentle enough for baby and so glorious, mother will like it, too.

Ultra moisturizing sammysoaps are uniquely skin conditioning and softening. Discover the proven difference of Earth's most indulgent ingredients. Soaps are 100% "fragrance-free"; that is, only scented with pure essential oils. All sammysoap products are small batch, naturally vegan, and handmade in St. Louis, Missouri without artificial ingredients. sammysoaps are made and packaged in our factory by adults with intellectual disabilities, and that may be the best ingredient of all.


Ultra moisturizing sammysoaps are skin conditioning, softening, and healing. Discover the difference of synthetic free skincare. sammysoaps are naturally vegan and handmade in St. Louis, Missouri.

Soaps that Inspire

Imagine 100% all natural luxury, then add a bonus. sammysoap is a job creation machine for adults with intellectual disabilities disguised as the world as best soap company. We exist in support of human health, a clean planet, and wage equality. Our mission is noted on every gift box.

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