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Smudge Stick White Sage

Smudge Stick White Sage

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100% all natural white sage Salvia aspiana


4" long X 1" round

White sage is known for its sweet scent and healing properties. Its is recognized as a symbol of cleanliness and purity. Clearing a thing or space with its smoke is called "smudging". Modern medical studies have validated the ancient practice of smudging, measuring the pulmonary, neurological, and dermatological benefits of the smoke-based remedy.

White sage is used in ceremonial practices such as cleansing, purification, and protection. Anthropologists attribute the intention of warding off negative energy to the health benefits inherent in the practice. In traditional cultures, smudging purified the air of disease and parasites. Now the smoke is used to purify the body, home, office and healing rooms, thus releasing negative energy. Its fresh herbal scent has also been known to rejuvenate the mind and enhance mental clarity and memory.

This smudging bundle is 100% natural wildcrafted white sage Salvia aspiana. It was gathered in a responsibly, ecologically sound and respectful way. The plants were not harmed and nothing was wasted.

Warning: Adult supervision is required. Avoid smudging if pregnant. Keep children and animals away from lit smudges and never leave lit smudges unattended.

Directions: Light a small portion (the tip) of the bundle over a ceramic bowl containing sand or another flame proof container, etc. Gently blow on the embers to produce smoke. Walk around room, object, or area, holding the sage stick. Hold the bowl under the sage to collect ashes. Start with the door and continue around the perimeters of the room, then walk into the center of the room and fan in four directions. After smudging, extinguish the bundle in the bowl of sand. Store the remaining sage bundle for future use.



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