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Roman Laurel

Roman Laurel

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Bay Laurel Laurus nobilis, what we call Roman Laurel, is an old, old plant that flourished on the archaic supercontinent of Gondwana. It predates the dinosaurs and all mammalian life on Earth, and is one of the few plant species to have survived from an early geological age. Bay was waiting for humankind at the dawn of civilization! It was so revered by ancient civilizations that wearing a crown of its leaves was reserved for the noblest of nobility.

Not to be confused with West Indian bay rum, European bay has a spicy bay leaf scent that is less round and buttery, and more gently¬†camphoraceous, with a warm bite that's more like eucalyptus. The scent of Roman Laurel is intoxicating ‚ąí there's a reason that Laurus¬†nobles has been famous for millennia.

Apollo wore a crown of laurel. Wreaths of laurel were awarded to winners of ancient competitions, and laurel wreaths have been used to symbolize victory and achievement ever since. If you haven't experienced European bay laurel, don't "rest on your laurels."

You'll love this soap. The essential oil is a skin superstar that's great all around for body and brain. Then sammysoap improved the formula with ground whole oat to smooth and condition skin.


Saponified food grade oils of rice Oryza sativa, palm Elaesis guineesis, soybean Glycine max, and castor bean Ricinus communes, with essential oil of bay Laurus nobles L. Hungary, oat Avena saliva Canada, shea nut butter Butyrospermum parkii Ghana and bay leaf Laurus nobles L. steeped in distilled water.

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