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Ginger Orange

Ginger Orange

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Ahhh, ginger...

When it's right, it's perfect.

We've had FOUR ginger bars over the years and we are still perfecting. Our latest ginger orange soap was formulated in the Spring of 2024. Give it a try! This current interpretation, made better by previous attempts to nail the perfect ginger bar⎯⎯ a good and true ginger being one of every soap maker's apex formulations. Here it is: a delicate and with a better balance of strong, raw, freshly ground ginger root and highest quality essential oil of ginger (ours is from Madagascar) paired with two citrus oils and heavenly hemp seed oil from Canada. Hemp oil is a gorgeous skin-penetrating oil with light viscosity, a pale green color, and a pleasant, faint woody scent. Hemp can oil makes our soap more moisturizing. The pungent, aromatically warm scent of peppery sharp ginger blends beautifully with the strength of 10-fold essential oil of sweet orange and essential oil of Litsea cubeba from China. Litsea, also known as mountain pepper or may chang, is the sweet little sister of lemongrass. It's a citrusy-scented plant grown all over Southeast Asia, and once you smell May Chang, it may become your new favorite citrus. It's delicate and pretty⏤ really as much a floral as a citrus, like orange blossom. Suffice to say, the scent of our GINGER ORANGE BAR is fantastic: strong ginger tempered by sweet citrus. It's a sweet ginger! This soap is ultra moisturizing and excellent for face, body and all skin types. 100% all natural. 100% Vegan. No artificial anything. Pungent, sweet, uplifting, calming, restorative, and unapologetically healing. 


Saponified food grade oils of rice, palm, soy and castor bean, essential oil of sweet orange 10-fold, hemp seed oil, ground raw organic ginger root, organic turmeric, essential oils of ginger and may chang.


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