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Bois de Rose

Bois de Rose

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Energizing yet soothing, our rosewood bar is a sophisticated blend of essential oils, unrefined organic shea nut butter, and clays. Rosewood essential oil is steam-distilled from the tree's leaves.* It's so gentle that it's recommended for babies and the elderly. Kaolin clay is commonly used in cosmetic blends for its ability to draw impurities from skin without removing water. The scent of rosewood (Bois de Rose) is powdery soft,¬† dry, woody, and mildly sweet‚Ź§ the bark's red color and floral note gave rosewood it's name centuries ago. The layered complexity of bois de rose is thrilling. The trees's long roots pull minerals from deep within the amazingly rich Amazonian soil, giving rosewood a complex depth. We've combined it with lavender, frankincense, and vetiver for a smoothly refined blend that is intensely interesting and highly beneficial. Live large. Shop small. Experience your planet.

100% All Natural Soap

No Artiifical Anything



Saponified food grade oils of rice Oryza sativa, palm Elaesis guineensis, soy Glycine max and castor bean Ricinus communes, with essential oil of rosewood (Bois de Rose) Aniba roseadora Brazil*, organic unrefined shea nut butter Butyrospermum parkii Ghana, essential oil of lavender Lavandula officials France, essential oil of frankincense Boswellia carterii Ethiopia, Sudan or France, Moroccan red clay Morocco, Kaolin clay Kaolinite USA, and essential oil of vetiver Vetiveria zizanioides Haiti.

*Our Bois De Rois is a CITIES compliant blend of essential oils derived from the leaves of the Brailian Rosewood tree, Ho Wood, and other essential oils utilized to create a complex blend containing linalool and a host of other constituents found in pure, natural Rosewood essential oil. It's the next best thing to pure, and it's the RIGHT thing for 2021 when any oil must meet both environmental conservation goals and industry aroma goals. (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Treaty)


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