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End Cut Sampler Dog Soap

End Cut Sampler Dog Soap

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Dog Samplers include one bar each of our four 100% all natural vegan dog soaps. sammysoap dog soaps are extremely popular. You and your dog will love them, and you won't believe the difference in your dog when you simply remove synthetic ingredients from your dog's grooming practices.

  • An "end cut" is what we call the scrap edge of a standard size soap bar as it moves through our manufacturing cutting stage. Soap blocks are cut into logs, then logs are cut into bars, and each "log" nets two "end cuts" which are smooth on the inside (cut) and unfinished (uncut) on the other end. End Cuts vary slightly in size but are approximately half the size of one standard soap bar. End Cut sampler bars are about 2.25 ounces each.

The four end cuts are packaged in a cello bag with a satin ribbon. The package has a label that identifies the soaps left to right so customers can identify the bars.

Each bag includes one sample of each sammysoap dog formula: geranium, tea tree, calendula and cedar. All soaps are made using:

  • Earth's most indulgent ingredients
  • 100% vegan
  • No artificial anything

Ingredients: saponified food grade oils of rice, palm, soy and caster bean with other 100% all natural vegetable oils, essential oils, herb leaves, roots, or clays.

sammysoap End Cut Dog Sampler is one of our most popular products. This product becomes out of stock because our four dog soaps do not sell at exactly the same rate. Please call to add your name to the list if you love the sampler but it's not currently available. We'll call you as soon as we have more.

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