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Pumice Sensation is Born

In the nineties, I traveled to New York City twice a month for work. I used the subway station on a SOHO block where a trendy spa had opened, and I fell in love with a popular exfoliator they sold that was made with crushed marble. I shared the scrub with friends who were hair and makeup pros. Soon we were all hooked. Years later, when we started sammysoap, one of my earliest ambitions was to duplicate and improve on this cult classic. And we did!

Our blend is 100% all natural, much better for your skin and whole health, and tons less expensive despite being significantly better in every way. Spa Pumice may be the world's very best face and body exfoliator. sammysoap products never include mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, phthalates, fragrances, dyes, or any ingredients found on any Chemicals of Concern watch lists. And our products are always vegan − no beeswax. 

Use the bar directly on your feet, heels, or rough spots, and make a full, rich lather in your hands before exfoliating your face. The pure essential oil blend is wonderful for your skin and the pulverized pumice stone leaves your complexion glowing.



Our Spa Pumice bar became so popular that we formulated the decadent and deeply healing blend of frank, lav, vetiver and black pepper without pumice, too. We call the pumice-free soap bar Saffron Spa. Now you can enjoy this richly hydrating and therapeutically important soap for face and body everyday, even when exfoliation is not the goal. Our spa collection is luxurious skincare for your whole system.    

−Karen Copeland


sammysoap all natural Spa Pumice and Saffron Spa soap bars are formulated without synthetic ingredients. No artificial anything. Made with only food grade vegetable oils and the following ingredients:

  • Organic Unrefined Shea Nut Butter Butyrospermum parkii Ghana
  • Finely Ground Whole Oat Avena saliva Canada
  • Pulverized Volcanic Pumice*
  • Saffron* Crocus sativus Croatia
  • Essential Oil of Frankincense Boswellia carterii Somalia
  • Essential Oil of Lavender Lavandula officials France
  • Essential Oil of Vetiver Vetiveria zizanioides Haiti
  • Essential Oil of Black Pepper Piper nigrum India

* Saffron Spa does not include pumice stone

* Spa Pumice does not include saffron

Each bar of sammysoap is packed with purpose. sammysoap is a job creation machine for adults with intellectual disabilities disguised as the world's best soap company. Soap wrapping constitutes an important work station within our factory. 

We are not a not-for-profit, on purpose. We manage to the strengths of all employees to create the best soap around. sammysoap exists in support of your health, a clean planet, and disability wage equality. Our company's mission is noted on every wrapped soap package.

Buy differently. #bthechange 

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