Collection: Lavender Collection

Lavender − A Powerful Tonic for Your Whole System

Lavender is excellent for all skin types, and its softly floral, herbaceous scent is beloved worldwide. Lavender's benefits are numerous and include properties that are strongly antibacterial, healing, and calming. It's so therapeutically important that the plant and its oil are used across multiple skincare, home, and food product categories. Lavender's diluted essential oil is mild enough for a baby's skin, the elderly, and the unwell, and it's one of only two concentrated essential oils that can be applied directly to healthy skin. It's non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing. People are often surprised to learn that lavender is used in more men's products than women's. It is the most commonly blended essential oil. We don't know anyone of either sex who doesn't adore it's sweetly intoxicating scent. sammysoap formulates with many lavenders. Species vary in therapeutic value and scent. Each is 100% pure, unbleached, unadulterated, and specifically chosen for superior skin, home, and pet care products.