Winter Skincare Tips & Products, Cont.

Enhance your routine. High quality 100% all natural plant seed oils and soaps are more important than ever. Small molecule oils penetrate skin deeply and quickly while butters stay in the top layers of skin. All plant seed oils heal chapped, dry skin and they all condition skin to prevent damage in the first place, but whatever you use and however you use it, fluctuating skin quality during cold weather is normal for everyone. The best winter skincare routines use multiple oils for different purposes on an as-needed basis. Oils vary in weight, richness, and nutritional load. Some are more preventative, others more healing. Experiment to see what works best for you during winter's normal cycles of maintenance, deep conditioning, and healing. Avoid skin-drying mass market detergent and artificially perfumed soaps in winter. The products in this collection have been chosen because of their excellent cold weather benefits. We've included pure essential oils because soaking, showering, and diffusing them provides instant relief and particular pleasure when so much of life is lived indoors, and essential oils are a great way to control mood during the short, grey days of winter.