There's fun in the factory!

Welcome to the heart of sammysoap. Art meets chemistry in our factory and the result is magic.

We invite groups large and small into our St. Louis factory to learn about cold process soap making on a casual Drop In or on a Formal Tour. Our invitation extends to tourists, classrooms, homeschoolers, retirement communities, families, individuals, and social, business and faith groups. There's something for everyone— hands-on fun for toddlers, alchemy for those intrigued by chemistry, and important consumer information for all ages. Take a look at our ingredient pantries and witness authentic cold processed soap making in motion. Learn how real soap is made.

Drop ins are available whenever the soap maker is in the factory, usually after 4pm on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Call to verify if the soap maker is in the house! Drop ins can watch the soap maker working on his current project and cut out soap at the kids' cutting station. Drop ins typically last around 20 minutes.

Our Formal Tours are part history, part science, and part modern day comparative skincare analysis. Formal Tours are available 12pm - 6 pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Formal Tours are $10 + tax a person and usually last an hour, though they can go longer if you come with a lot of questions. On the tour you will be able to see the full soap making process through interactive "snapshots" of the different stages (stirring the oil pot, pouring a mold, slicing a cooled soap block or log, and the kids' cutting station). At the end of the tour, every participant gets a kid cut sample and a free full bar of soap of their choice from the gift shop. 

To schedule a Formal Tour call (314) 287-7020, email, or stop by the store and factory in our beautiful, historically landmarked building at 123 W Argonne Drive in Kirkwood, St. Louis, Missouri 63122.