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There's fun in the factory!

Welcome to the heart of sammysoap. We invite groups large and small into our St. Louis factory to learn about cold process soap. Our invitation extends to classrooms, homeschoolers, retirement communities, families, individuals, and social, business and faith groups. There's something for everyone. Take a look at our ingredient pantries and witness soap making in progress. Learn how real soap is made. Our tour is part history lesson, part science lesson, and part modern day comparative cosmetic marketing analysis. Few products are as fundamental or universally handled as soap − we all use it everyday. You'll learn about products you've used all your life but may have never thought much about. Our master soap makers are extremely knowledgable, and soap has a history filled with folklore, poetry, religion, exploration, pharmacology and perfumery. Art meets chemistry in our factory and the result is magic. Meet sammysoap! We look forward to your visit. 

To schedule a tour call (314) 287-7020, email, or stop by the store and factory in our beautiful, historically landmarked building at 123 W Argonne Drive in Kirkwood, St. Louis, Missouri 63122.