Roller Balls, Cont.

Aromatherapy is still a legitimate medical model in Europe but in the USA, essential oils are sold through gift channels and consumers are more likely to consider them a new age gimmick. They couldn't be more wrong. Once our ten scent chords were formulated, it seemed natural to label them parfums. The softly diffusely, indulgent scent of each blend is absolutely divine, and the product label calling it "parfum" felt like a just reckoning of the exalted effort and resultant products. But these are 100% all natural elixirs not perfumes. We use no fragrance oils and our rollerballs are so much more than perfumes. sammysoap roller balls are medicine for mind, body and soul. Each blend benefits men, women and children over age three and of all skin types. Elixirs are formulated with only the cleanest, highest therapeutic quality wildcrafted or organic oils. Some of the oils are rare and quite precious. Use the blends as remedies or as facial, body or cuticle moisturizers. Apply at pulse points, neck, wrists, under nose and arms, and wherever skin in thin for immediate aromatherapeutic benefit. Heal, reset and renew using these real aromatherapeutic blendsβ€” glowing skin is just a bi-product of whole system health. The scent of the oils will disappear as the elixirs are absorbed into skin but their aromatherapeutic benefits will function within the body for hours.