Rhyme & Reason No. 17 Parfum tout Naturel

... Before Victorian knot gardens and the cloistered gardens of medieval monasteries, common folk tore sprigs of rosemary from cultivated plants and raised them to their noses that they might better finish a garden or workaday stroll. We still pluck and crush rosemary's needle-like leaves to release its aromatic oils. Rosemary heightens a moment. Rosemary verbonene is cool, dry, and yin. It possesses the same fortifying, uplifting qualities as common rosemary but is softer, more subtle, sweeter, more soothing, and possesses superior health benefits. This blend is woody, balsamic, freshly green ⏤ both tart and sweet. Rosemary dissolves self doubt and confusion, clarifies the mind, and restores emotional equilibrium, especially against conditions of phlegm and stagnant Qi. We call on rosemary to promote clarity, concentration, mindfulness and balance. Perhaps the human central nervous system and Earth's beloved herbs are intrinsically linked. Can plants help us think? We don't know but rosemary's soothing effects are acknowledged even as its clarifying efficacies on humans remain beyond the purview of modern American medicine. Fresh, clear, responsive and seductive, Rhyme & Reason is a feel-good, clear-headed blend that reeks positivity!