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Meet Samuel Wolfgang, our namesake. The sammysoap story has to do with Sam's mental retardation, a part of him so authentically positive that his MR had always been considered an attribute. Still, upon high school graduation, Sam was deemed ineligible for competitive employment, and by the year of his twenty-first birthday, he was in full-time adult daycare ⏤ an Alzheimer's Unit.

Sam's for-profit placement, funded by taxpayer dollars, left his family bewildered. They bemoaned the financial waste and feared the long-term effects of four walls, no windows, nor community integration on curious, confident, gregarious young Sam. The outcome was unacceptable.


Prior to Sam's graduation, his family purchased soap by the six-pack at a big box. The earth spun evenly on its axis, the family's skin flared only occasionally with minor irritations, and none had given more than a passing thought to soap. Yet everything changed that Christmas.

Coincidentally, a cousin made soaps with her faith group and gifted the handmade goodies as holiday presents the winter before Sam's graduation. Sam's mother was one of the lucky recipients. She remembers noticing the instant pleasure and skin-conditioning qualities of the handmade soaps and thinking they were the best soaps she had ever used. Just like that, Sam's family used their last synthetic soaps. They were hooked on the real deal.


Long-time perfume and essential oil junkie, gardener, and professional creative, Sam's mom has had a lifelong affinity for studio detail, craft, and high design. She pitched the idea of combining her passions for social justice and all natural skincare products, and sammysoap was born as: a job creation machine for adults with intellectual disabilities disguised as the world's best soap company.


We've worked hard to perfect soap making and consider ours to be the best soap anywhere. Our artisanal 100% all natural soap bars are always fragrance, dye, and synthetic free. Soaps and skincare products are made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients, sourced for therapeutic, sustainability, and fair trade values and practices. Products are cruelty free and vegan. We don't use beeswax or synthetic ingredients. Products are made in a factory behind our store in St. Louis, Missouri.

BUY DIFFERENTLY. #bthechange

We are not a training facility, agency, workshop, or service provider. We are not a readiness program. We are not supported by local, state, or federally funded programs, and we are not a nonprofit, on purpose. We provide gainful employment by managing to the strengths of our employees to make the best soap around. We exist in support of your health, a clean planet, and disability wage equality.

Celebrate business serving society by considering an extrinsic reason for buying what you buy. Like buying soap.

Please help the world be more inclusive, and help us to be our best. Share sammysoap stories and images in your private and online conversations. Visit our St. Louis factory and email us at to let us know how we're doing. We dedicate our products to your health and a healthier planet.