Soap Ingredients & Benefits

sammysoap all natural soaps are made from organic or wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible and consciously sourced for therapeutic value. They are cruelty free, fragrance free, never synthetic, vegan, small batch, and made in the USA. Soap bars are 4.5 oz. Shave Soaps are 3.5 oz.

  • We experimented through rigorous trials using many different ingredients and¬†combinations before settling on a soap base blend of rice bran, palm kernel, soy and castor bean oils. We think this particular food-grade vegan combination results in superior cold-processed soaps. Our objective is to make soaps that benefit skin (and whole systems) and are memorably enjoyable to use. We want results. Our formulas are designed to penetrate skin's surface and deliver essential oils that perform specific functions. Each ingredient fulfills a requirement. We want soaps that clean perfectly, lather beautifully, and are long lasting. Our soaps feel rich and creamy. We strive always for¬†formulas that are aromatically and therapeutically superior.¬†Our soaps' aromatherapeutic benefits are carried throughout each bar; that is, each bar's scent lasts the life of the soap. And though some sammysoaps have been created for specific purposes, like our pumice, mostiquo, athlete's, acne, mechanic's degreasing soap, or baby bar, all formulas deliver excellent generalized benefits. Trust all sammysoap products to be chemical and fragrance free. We do not use artificial colors or fragrances, and we go out of our way to source essences that have been extracted cleanly.¬†
  • Our custom blend soap base¬†is mixed with lye (sodium hydroxide) but no lye remains after the saponification of food-grade vegetable oils and lye. Only glycerin soap remains. Dry ingredients such as clays, seeds, flowers, roots and leaves are added for therapeutic value, texture and color. Emollients contribute various, specific skincare and generalized benefits. And finally, our formula-defining essential oil blends mark each soap with a signature scent.

Rice Bran Oil

  • Geisha used leftover water from¬†washing rice in the bath for soft, smooth, luminous skin; "Nuka Bijin" is a Japanese compliment meaning "a rice bran beauty."¬†
  • High in antioxidants to fight free radicals and slow the effects of aging
  • Hypoallergenic, ideal for the most sensitive skin
  • Protects collagen and elastin to maintain suppleness of skin
  • High in fatty acids, very beneficial for mature, delicate and sensitive skin
  • Small molecule penetrates easily and quickly without being greasy
  • Stimulates circulation and cell growth, reveals brighter skin, nourishes skin
  • Contains gamma-oryzanol, hinders UV ray absorption
  • Benefits scars, healing, skin impurities, and the general condition of skin
  • High quantities of squalene which makes up 12% of human sebum, skin's natural moisturizer, excellent for very dry/flaky, sensitive, mature and/or delicate skin (e.g. baby) with particular improvement of severe dermatitis or where additional moisture is required
  • Natural whitening agent benefits age spots and skin tone¬†

Soybean Oil

  • Rich linoleum acid (omega-6 fatty acid), monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, B vitamins, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, linoleum, linolenic and ferulic acids that benefits skin health and appearance
  • Rich in anti-oxidants that protect skin cells from free radical damage and benefits anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, a form of soy isolfavone called aglycones that improves appearance of aging skin and may diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rich in Vitamin E, excellent facial moisturiser, mild, doesn't cause skin irritations
  • Good for combination skin
  • Benefits damage done by strong sun and air pollution, gives skin a healthy glow
  • Benefits skin blemishes including acne, blotchiness, discoloration, and roughness
  • Encourages collagen production, promotes repair of elastin fibers (which weaken as we age causing sagging skin), benefits smooth, tone skin, texture, firmness
  • Most of the lecithin (phospholipids) used in cosmetics are derived from soybeans
  • Treasured for protein and lecithin content useful in skin treatments, cultivated in Asia since ancient times
  • Healthy hair oil

Palm Kernel Oil

  • Rich in conditioning stearic, oleic, linoleum and linolenic acids, contains hard to find toctrienols, members of the vitamin E family, which benefits many skin ailments and is found in anti-aging products. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights free radicals that damage skin and cause fine lines and wrinkles
  • Found in shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, creams, foundations and more
  • Excellent ability to remove dirt and oil from skin and hair, contains a re-fatting agent that helps restore natural oils, conditions scalp
  • Widely used in¬†neonatal settings for skin care because of its beneficial effect in moisturizing skin and preventing transdermal heat and water loss
  • Our Brazilian supplier is a member of the Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization dedicated to sustainably produced palm oil

Castor Bean Oil

  • Used for centuries, benefits included moisturizing and healing concerns, good for sensitive skin, use sparingly or healthful effects reverse, i.e. apply light layer, let skin soak 5 minutes then rinse with cool water, naturally deep cleans face
  • Small dabs rubbed around eyes benefit puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, causes wrinkle creases to plump up
  • Used extensively as a night-time moisturizer
  • Antibacterial properties helpful to acne suffers who report reduced breakouts, recommended by dermatologists as a natural way to reduce the appearance of scars and facial blemishes, benefits redness, swelling, scars, cystic acne
  • High concentration of fatty acids make it an excellent, quickly absorbed all-over moisturizer, leaves skin supple, refreshed, lubricates dry patches, helps cells stay hydrated by surrounding them with a protective coating
  • Moisturizes hair to prevent split ends (apply at night, wash out in morning), thickens hair, men use it to thicken beards and mustaches, women use it to thicken eyebrows and eyelashes, takes several months