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Celebrate businesses serving society by considering an extrinsic reason for buying what you buy. Like buying soap.

We've worked hard to perfect soap making and consider our cold process soap to be the best anywhere:

    • 100% all natural
    • 4.5 ounce bars
    • Earth's most indulgent ingredients
    • Naturally vegan except clays, salts, and pumice
    • Synthetic free ⏤ no artificial anything
    • Fair trade supply chains
    • No packaging, minimal packaging, and/or sustainable packaging whenever possible
    • Waterway, food area, child, pet and planet friendly
    • Artisanal, handmade, and small batch
    • St. Louis, MO factory
    • And besides ALL THAT, each bar of sammysoap is packed with purpose...

sammysoap is a job creation machine for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) disguised as the world's best soap company. We manage to the strengths of our employees to make the best soap around and exist in support of human health, a clean planet, and wage equality.

Please share sammysoap stories and images in your private and online conversations. Visit our St. Louis factory and store, and email us at info@sammysoap.com to let us know how we're doing.

Thanks for supporting American made, shopping small, and buying differently.