Summer Scents at sammysoap

Summer Scents at sammysoap

Sammy’s Summer Soaps:

Summer is officially here and thoughts of warm beaches and outdoor activities fill our imaginations. So why not bring a few of these summer scents into your home with some of our all natural soap? Take a look at some of our favorite summer blends, perfect for the season.

South Sea Blend:

Fresh, fruity, spicy and sweet, the aromatic plants indigenous to the South Seas inspire days filled with bare shoulders under warm, sunny skies. This is a clean, bright all natural soap bar with sex appeal. Lemongrass leads a cast of nutrient rich players packed with pleasure. Staff favorite and top seller.

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Coconut Lime:

Tart, sweet, and with a hint of spice, this all natural soap is simplicity redefined. Without false or synthetic fragrance, the bouquets of real coconut and lime are soft and disperse, imparting a suggestively feral note. It’s an effortless shift to retrain your olfactory sensibilities from fragrance to real plant essences—your body is compatible and will gladly welcome natural aromas. Real coconut lime is ethereal and delicate. No wonder so many are mesmerized by this popular combination. Paired with bergamot, these favorites dance on rich, full lather. Uplifting, exfoliating, and conditioning, this soap is for all skin types.

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May Chang Mango:

The smoothing, penetrating, deeply hydrating, and oxygenating properties of soft, solid, super emollient mango butter delivers glowing skin. Polynesian beauty is yours. The aroma of this all natural soap is sweetly intoxicating, fruity, slightly nutty, and floral. Transport yourself to the islands and enjoy.

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