The story of a rainy day and a single joyful soul


We were touched by Kendall Hawthorne's account of her visit to our store and an important reminder that our own Sammy passed on to her while she was here.  Read her original article "A Simple Reminder That Everyone Needs to Hear:  The story of a rainy day and a single joyful soul" published on The Odyssey Online here.

"[Sammy's] bliss was contagious and I couldn't help but be filled with glee as his eyes searched around the store looking to connect with someone who was equally as thankful for the downpour."

"... a simple way to stay centered is to count your blessings everyday. Another day you wake up breathing and able to get out of bed is another day to thank the God who fearfully and wonderfully created you. Maybe if we learn to be thankful for the thousands of things that go right in our lives rather than dwelling on the few that go wrong, we too will know the happiness and contentment that Sammy has found."   

Let's all take a moment to be thankful for the sun and the rain and everything in between that we get to experience in this beautiful life.  Thanks for coming to visit, Kendall! 


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