Psoriasis, Eczema & Rosacea...Oh My!

Psoriasis, Eczema & Rosacea...Oh My!

Those who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or acne know the struggle of finding skin cleansers and exfoliators to soothe and treat their ailing skin. Although large corporations have devoted decades and millions creating over-the-counter and prescription products that treat the symptoms of these conditions, it’s all natural soap bars for face and body which tend to be most effective at not just treating, but alleviating, these annoying and often painful conditions.

Many skin types are irritated by fragrance, colorings, and liquid synthetic products, which are formulated with alcohol and preservatives. Why would you put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth? You don't have to. "Fragrance" (even if an ingredient list identifies as "natural fragrance") is proprietary. Manufacturers are not required to disclose what's behind that single word, and fragrance is the most common skin irritant. Synthetic fungal and bacterial inhibitors are also common skin irritants. That's why sammysoap doesn't sell liquid soaps, bath gels, and shower washes. They are not gentle to skin, the human body's largest organ. sammysoap products are always synthetic free. Our soaps and skin emollients are therapeutic grade, cleaning processed, and contain none of the synthetic allergens and irritants that so often trigger skin problems in the first place. Let’s take a look at some sammysoaps most popular for damaged, sensitive, or troubled skin.

Psoriasis Soap & Body Oils

All natural soaps made with healing essential oils and herbs are mild on your skin and benefit psoriasis patches. All of our soaps are good for psoriasis, especially our oat soaps. Oat balances skin's pH and has natural anti-itch compounds that smooth and soothe skin. Our soaps not only retain body moisture, but they can increase the moisture level of your skin without blocking pores or causing breakouts. sammysoap is committed to natural health and healing. Our products can be used long term without fear of side effects. We suggest using these all natural psoriasis soaps & oils:

Eczema Soap Bars

All natural soaps are definitely the way forward when it comes to finding an eczema friendly way to wash. What's most important is to stay away from synthetic ingredients. sammysoaps contain no artificial anything! All of our products will benefit eczema, so buy what you like ⏤ some people go straight to the mints, others go straight to the lavenders. Here are some of our popular handmade soaps for eczema:

Rosacea Skin Care

Though there are many skincare products on the market geared toward rosacea, all but very few can actually make symptoms worse long term.  Rosacea skin is super sensitive to additives, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients, which means a less-is-more approach to skincare tends to work best. Instead of washing your face with drying soaps and harsh cleansers, the best solution is all natural, which is true for rosacea as well as almost any skin problem, like acne.


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