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ZAQ Mini LiteMist Air Aromatherapy Travel Mate

Battery Powered Travel Mate

ZAQ Mini portable aroma diffuser is designed for travel

  • sized to fit effortlessly into your suitcase
  • runs on 4-AA batteries or mini-USB charger
  • 3 MHz/S vibrating frequency produces real nano mist particle for effective intake
  • advanced technology for longer life and smoother operation
  • advanced water sensor technology utilizes aroma until the last drop without leaving residue
  • button operation choice: continuous mode or interval mode
  • auto shut off when water runs out or the battery power is low


  • product size: 112mmx97mm
  • voltage: 5V
  • power: 4W
  • water capacity: 20ml


Collections: Tax Override

Ingredients: Diffusers, Mother's Day Collection

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