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ZAQ Bamboo Ultransmit LiteMist Air Aromatherapy Diffuser

Bamboo forests release oxygen, neutralize carbon dioxide, control erosion, regulate watersheds, conserve biodiversity, and beautify the landscape. Eco-friendly and safe, bamboo is globally recognized for its clean strength and beauty.

Bring beautiful bamboo into your life with the ZAQ Bamboo Ultransmit LiteMist Air Aromatherapy Diffuser. This bamboo has passed more than 30 tests to ensure product safety and durability. Plastics are minimized and used only for parts essential to ensure function. 

  • misting control 30 second interval
  • LED brightness/light control
  • product size 91 mm x 157 mm
  • voltage DC24V
  • power 12W
  • water capacity 100ml

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