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Veggie Wash with Slatted Bamboo & Wood Utility Dish

Veggie Wash with Slatted Bamboo & Wood Utility Dish

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Veggie Wash, 4.5 Ounce Bar, with Slatted Bamboo and Wood Soap Dish

Wash foods and work surfaces with a 100% all natural soap bar and let it dry in a counter-gentle, organic and beautiful wooden dish. No artificial anything. Finally, a soap made of the same vitamins, minerals and amino acids as the food it's tasked to clean and the body it's tasked to serve. Nothing more. Nothing less. 100% all natural and vegan. Soap is handmade in St. Louis, USA. Bamboo and wood soap dish made in Vietnam, 4" x 3.75" 1.25"

Soap Ingredients: saponified food grade oils of rice, palm, soy and castor bean, with essential oils of thyme, rosemary and basil.

Directions for Use: Lather soap well between hands and wash food the same way you wash your face. Lather has a head and tail. The head dislodges bacteria and dirt from surface cracks while the bubble's tail suspends it for an easy, clean rinse. Bar soaps are easy to use and eliminates food and work surfaces from exposure to unnecessary, toxic industrial chemicals. Allow soap to dry between uses for best results.

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