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Lavender Saffron

4.5 ounces

Not only is saffron interesting, beautiful, and beneficially therapeutic, it adds a diffusely feral, hay scent and sophistication to any blend that aromatherapists appreciate. High-altitude organic essential oil of lavender Lavandula angustifolia is the highest grade lavender available. Prized for its therapeutic superiority, pure high altitude organic lavender's aroma is heavenly − it is closest to the angels after all! Lavender grown at higher altitudes is naturally sweeter, more floral, and less herbaceous than lower altitude cousins. It's the most rare and therapeutically potent of the lavenders − unblended, unadulterated, weather-dependent, and distilled hexane-free on the farm where it was harvested. Lavender is a powerful tonic for your whole system. It is particularly wonderful for skin.

We've let our signature grade Lavandula angustifolia shine in our Lavender Saffron soap. It's blended with only organic saffron and triple the highest quality emollients for an unsurpassed beauty conditioning bar. Organic coconut oil hardens the bar and lathers into rich, creamy bubbles that clean without drying. Organic jojoba oil sinks deep into skin to moisturize and acts as an exceptionally efficient delivery system for the essential oil. Organic shea nut butter lubricates and provides outstanding outer dermal protection. All combined, this is a seriously therapeutic bar for persons interested in balanced health, irresistibly beautiful skin, and indulgent skincare products.


Saponified food grade oils of rice Oryza sativa, palm Elaesis guineensis, soy Glycine max and castor bean Ricinus communes, with essential oil of pure organic therapeutic high altitude lavender Lavandula angustifolia France, organic shea nut butter Butyrospermum parkii Ghana, organic jojoba oil Cimmondsia chinensis USA, organic whole kernel virgin coconut oil Cocos nucera Brazil, and organic saffron Crocus sativus

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